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Yesterday is History, Today is a Gift, Tomorrow is Mystery

Tomorrowland 2012

For those of you who do not know what Tomorrowland is, allow me to enlighten you. 

     It all started when our friend Ben showed us a Youtube video of last years Tomorrowland(2011).  As I watched it and listened to the music I knew I had to go!  It looked like a fantasy world, of lasers, lights, and Electric Dance Music(EDM)! The festival took place every July, in Boom, Belgium (only 3 and half hours drive from Paris)!  We did some research on the festival and checked out some of next years DJ line up.  We still had a few months before tickets went on sale but now it was time to recruit some friends who wanted to join!  I thought of one of my best friends (who loves her EDM) right away, Schaffer!  It didn't take much to get her on board, I sent her the video (from 2011) and said "You down?!"and her plane ticket (to Paris) was booked!  Now we just had to figure out how we were going to get tickets.
    Tickets went on sale for the world on April 1st, and the night before we developed a game plan.  We were all going to wake up 2 hours before the tickets went on sale, and log in on 3 different computers so we had a better chance of one of us getting in the site (considering there are millions of people from around the world trying to do the same thing as us).  One person could only purchase 4 tickets, so the first one to get in was going buy the tickets for all of us.  We were still a little confused as to what package we were going to get, so when  I got in to the site first and hesitated for just a minute, the three day madness past was sold out!  (NOOO!!)  Right in front of my eyes in the matter of minutes they were selling out.  After my computer froze up I started to panic but thank god we still had Schaffer working on her end all the way in Pittsburgh (5am her time).  Once she was in the site and we saw the 3 days pass was sold out, we quickly devised our back up plan of getting just the Friday pass.  Mission accomplished!! Schaffer did it!! Now we wait til showtime!
     Once July rolled around, we had our weekend mapped out.  We woke up early the day of the show and drove to Belgium, the car ride was more than enjoyable with the sun shining and the convertible top off! We followed the signs (and the huge parade of people) leading us to the festivities!  The first thing you see is a HUGE (unorganized) line of people waiting to get their wristbands to enter.  I am not going to lie, this was the worst and the only bad part of the entire day.  It was so hot that day and standing there in line for about 2 hours with no shade, or water was not exactly "fun"!  Some people couldn't handle the heat and passed out in line! But once we made it through (alive) it was such a good feeling to get those wristbands on and cross through the gate!
     After crossing through, you immediately hear the music and see the giant Ferris wheel in t he distance!  WE MADE IT!  The dream was coming true! We picked up our maps and began to venture around and check out all of the different stages.  There was 16 different stages, including the Main stage, each with the most incredible line up for 3 straight days. Since we only had one day there we wanted to see as much as possible and also make sure not to miss any of our favorite DJs (Steve Aoki, Alesso, Thomas Gold, Bloody Beetroots, Avicii, Fatboy Slim, Cazzette and so many more)!  We danced, walked, danced while walking, so much that I don't think we sat down once that entire day.  We also made friends with people from all over the world and just danced the night away.  Towards the end of the night we headed back to main stage to watch the final DJ, The Bloody Beetroots.  By this point the main stage was PACKED with people!  I mean you are stepping on peoples feet, pushed against one another while you try to work your way through the crowd.  After the show was over, and all glow sticks were thrown, it was time to exit this EDM wonderland and find our way to the hotel in Belgium.  Well that took longer than expected, getting a little lost along the way, but I can't really can't complain considering the moment my butt hit the seat in the car I was passed out, exhausted from the full day of dancing we had.  Thankfully Thomas and Ben kept each other company while finding the hotel in the middle of the night.
     I never slept so good in my life but morning came too soon and we were off to our next destination, AMSTERDAM!  We figured since we couldn't get the 3 days pass for the festival, and we would only be less than 3 hours from Amsterdam, why not spend our Saturday night there.  This city was unlike any other city I have been to in my entire life!  And it was more than just seeing the coffee shops that I always heard about.  Amsterdam by day:  This beautiful city with canals running through each street.  When you look around its seems like everyone is active and rides bicycles! (Word of advice: if traveling to Amsterdam and you hear the bicycle bell WATCH OUT, they will run you over! No joke.) Amsterdam is also famous for their tulips, museums and of course the Red Light District.  Which takes me to Amsterdam by night: Kind of a scary place once the sun goes down.  We actually went into a souvenir shop where the man said in order to do Amsterdam right you had to eat the magic mushrooms, and go to the coffeeshops.  "What the hell!?"  Apparently weed  and prostitution isn't the only thing legalized here, magic mushrooms are legal here too!  Not listening to the mans advice, but just taking in this whole experience!  Then there was the Red light district!  Seeing the Red Light district was even more crazy in person than what they show you in the movies, its even kind of sad.  I don't want to go in to detail about this section, but hey I can say I saw it.  My inner small town girl, was never more shocked at the things I saw walking down that street.  
      This city was like two different places when you saw it by day and then by night.  I would have to say I preferred the Tulips, bikes, and walking around the canals by day, than seeing the wild nightlife Amsterdam had to offer. It was kind of an eye opening experience to see how very different 3 countries can be from one another and all be within a 5 hour drive! Amazing!
     By the end of our weekend vacation to Boom, Belgium and then to Amsterdam, Netherlands it was time to go back home to Paris.  I don't think my feet could have handled one more day of walking around without some rest.  But Schaffer's vacation was far from over, and this was my first friend to visit me in France!  I had so places I wanted to show her, and even check out some new places together!
     Tomorrowland 2012 Official After Movie < WE WERE THERE!! Ahh :) 

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