Friday, December 7, 2012

C'est la vie!

     In my first two and a half months in France we did a lot!  Not so much of the normal stuff a tourist would do if they were visiting Paris, such as going inside the museums and monuments, I still had time for that.  More like dancing the streets of Paris for the annual Techno parade,  attending his cousins wedding, going to Parc Asterix (amusement park), and driving up to Deauville to spend the day at the beach.  
     The Techno parade comes to Paris every September, there are famous DJ's from around the world that set up on top of a Mac truck with huge speakers so when your close enough it drowns out the different kind of music from the next truck.  You follow which ever DJ you prefer and dance, or you're free to skip around.  People were hanging out of their windows, from stop lights, even from statues (I don't even know how they got up there)!  After an entire day of dancing and walking, by the end you are exhausted and most likely had a weeks worth of workouts. Techno Parade 2011
     Attending my first wedding in France was awesome because I got to see first hand how some of their traditions differ from ours (although every wedding is different).  First thing about a wedding in France is they are long, and when I say long I mean all day, all night, and then even the following day it finishes with a brunch with everyone invited.  So my first new thing I had to do was pack some pajamas but also 2 dresses, one for the ceremony, then one to change into for the dancing in dinner.  The wedding started at the city house (court house) where everyone goes to  watch them sign the legal documents.  After that was done you then go to the church to watch the ceremony, here I was wondering to myself  "Where are the bridesmaids/groomsmen?" but apparently that is just one of our American traditions that not everyone around the world partakes in (interesting).  Once the ceremony was over, time for photos!  Can't forget about the pictures no matter what country you're in!  The reception was next, but it was about a 2 hour drive from where the rest of the activities took place.  Once we arrived to the bed and breakfast style hotel we put our stuff in our very own room and changed into evening wear.  The reception was set up beautifully, with a four course meal to start, and ending the night with dancing and games (don't bother chiming your fork and glass together to make the Bride and Groom kiss, it won't work here).  But its not over yet, the next morning you have a huge brunch buffet awaiting, with more socializing. 
     An amusement park in France is fun, but just about as fun as your regular amusement park in USA (not much of a difference).  Except, living so close to not only one, but two amusement parks!   Parc Asterics and Disneyland Paris, each about an hour drive from us!!  
     Deauville was about a 2 hour drive North of us and once we had a beautiful day we decided to go to the beach!  This place was so much different than the other parts of France I have seen so far.  The houses and buildings all had a unique style to them.  After a day of laying at the beach, we decided to take the scenic route home along the coast.  In the North they still have battle fields from the second World War, its so interesting to see and put a real life mental image together with those old history lessons.  
      In that two months, we decided what I was going to do so that I could return to France!  I went back to America just in time for vacation and to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with my family and friends.  I even got to spend New years with my "College family" for one of my best friends birthday!  With the holidays being an easy distraction I still hated not having my love with me for them!  I had to stay focused on what my next plan of action was......Get a French Student Visa!!  And in the mean time go back to work at the Café in my small hometown.  

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